"After treating my 9 month old baby girl who suffers with head pain which prevents her from sleeping and who also has serious feeding troubles, there was a noticeable difference after seeing Brian, she slept that night without the endless hours of screaming beforehand. She ate much better.

I have taken her to see numerous ppl and she regularly attends hospital appointments, while she is not 'perfect' I'm thrilled at the big difference seeing Brian made to my lil' lady so far. He was very patient with her when she cried, never rushed her or got upset with her. I'd highly recommend anyone to take their children or themselves. Thanks for all the work your putting into Holly!!" ~ Heather

"I have attended Brian for the last few months with posture issues and although I am still a work in progress, I have a lot less pain and the twist in my pelvis is gone.

As a therapist I have found Brian to be very grounded, a good listener and communicator who relates well with the client. He brings a huge wealth of understanding and compassion to his work, perhaps because of his own personal story. He also has an ease and a naturalness about him that makes you feel comfortable and safe in his hands. I have also observed endless patience in Brian, as well as good humour. Nothing is too much trouble and no stone is left unturned.

Brian is a practical, down to earth, ordinary guy with a unique and extraordinary range of gifts and talents who works intuitively and practically at many levels. The Grace Heart Healing System that Brian uses in some treatments is fabulous. It is beautifully supported by the use of Aura Soma. I continuously recommend him to others and they too have had similar experiences and feelings to me." ~ Miriam

"In the Autumn of 2014 I had resigned myself to the fact that I would not hunt again and had decided to sell my horse. A good friend of mine suggested that I contact Brian for an Amatsu Treatment.

Within about 4 weeks, following three or four treatments, I was able to go back hunting! A year on and I'm still feeling the benefits. With Brian's help I have been able to pursue my hobby since. I have continued to attend treatments from time to time and I can take great pleasure from the fact that I will be able to continue to hunt for many years to come.

I have referred a number of my friends to Brian, all whom have had similar positive outcomes.
Brian is a true expert in his field and I highly recommend him to anyone."    ~ Con 

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