Tera-Mai Healing

Tera-Mai is a healing system which was founded by Kathleen Milner and is a gentle hands-on healing art. 

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What is Tera-Mai (Reiki & Seichem)

Reiki means "Life Force Energy". This energy can be used to help oneself or used to help others. Tera-Mai Reiki uses the elemental Earth healing ray.

The elemental healing energies of Fire, Water and Air (Spirit) were then added to the original Reiki (Earth) energy and this is known as Tera-Mai Seichem. Seichem incorporates all four healing rays of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Earth (Reiki) energy is connected to the Earth and can be experienced as hot or cold. Reiki can benefit physical and emotional health and helps to ground all other healing energy. 

Fire (Sakara) can be experienced as pulses of electricity. It cleanses the chakras, burns away blockages and cleanses the Aura.

Water (Sophi-El) can be experienced as waves of cool energy. It reaches into the emotional body bringing up deep emotional issues for healing and also helps open the heart to receive love and feel compassion.

Air (Angeliclight) is connected to the Air element and Spirit. It aids mental healing, enhances the power of the third eye and helps with communication.

Tera-Mai Treatment

During a treatment the healing energies are channelled through the healer into the mental, physical and emotional bodies of the person as well as the electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body. The healer can work with hands on the body or just above while working on the aura surrounding the body. 

A treatment feels like a beautiful glowing light radiating through you and around you. The client can experience sensations such as warm waves, deep soothing or cool tingling. Some may see colours or get their own unique insights. Each experience is unique and different.

The Benefits of Tera-Mai are endless

  • if you are healthy it helps you stay balanced and clear
  • if you received an injury, fallen under any other sources of stress or been diagnosed with a disease Tera-Mai can assist the natural healing process. It works well with Traditional Medicine.
  • it helps renew vitality and energy
  • it helps increase awareness of one's Soul Purpose and connection to the Divine
  • helps ease pain
  • speeds up the physical healing process by aiding the body's self healing capability
  • helps improve creativity and intuition
  • helps boost the immune system and balance sleep patterns
  • helps clear addictive patterns

Tera-Mai is safe to use on everyone from young to old, animals, plants and food.

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